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After the 12th General Election, what’s the postmortem? BN wake up or forever disappear.

Now the Malaysia’s General Election is over, some of the Barisan National(BN) component parties still blur on what hit them and the Barisan Rakyat (BR)gotta deliver their promises after sweeping 5 states. With Menteri Besar been sworn in, we can see the sultan’s also take the opportunity to deliver severe blows to Badawi in order to regain their power.

 Interesting to note, some of the component parties within BN still in a self of denial. It does not matter anymore, the main thing is, whoever been elected by the People, shall serve the People whole-heartedly. Malaysians do not like to be cheated in the ballot boxes, If not the swing will be shown again in the next GE.

 I’ve read an interesting article at MalaysianTodayon MCA’s defeat is due to its structural weakness and the bullying part of their so called partner UMNO by keeping silent and not been treated as a partner. Hello what is sharing of power if cannot discuss openly. Since the opposition are controlling few states, will they behave like the BN eventually? only time will tell.  Take a look at the article The Future of MCA.  So MCA are you still living in twilight zone as a second largest component party? are you ready for the new world order?

 Lets’ keep our eyes open on the political development situation in the country with many things will unfold soon…….


Tracking on Malaysia’s 12th General Election Results

With Malaysia waiting for the D-Day of General Election, for the latest results of Malaysia’s General Election results, take a look at the STAR,  MALAYSIAKINI and MALAYSIATODAY .

 Unfortunately in any elections there are bound to have casualties. Good and hardworking Minister from BN such as Dato Shahrizat and Chew Mei Fun have good track records and yet the emotions of change has made them the casualty against the opposition PKR banner.  Are we looking at track records or just to punish them for the sake of changes?


Poem for Shahrizat in the coming election circulating in Lembah Pantai

Received this poem (pantun) in Malay via sms circulating in Lembah Pantai for Dato Seri Shahrizat for the coming general election. It sounds like this:

“Paip rumah bocor Shahrizat pasang, 

Banjir satu negara dialah datang,

Mulut MP bocor pun Shahrizat pasang,

Undilah Kak Ijat cadangan yang matang.” 

 That shows the people in Lembah Pantai still needs Shahrizat as a caring MP.

Shahrizat’s makes Lembah Pantai grows!

Saw this video by MP Lembah Pantai Dato Seri Shahrizat in the coming General Election. This woman is full of energy and has serve the people well. She deserves a vote!

Dato Shahrizat gets respect from opposition party, a good sign on candidate with track records

Jus barely half a day i mentioned that general election candidates should based on merits and not on people. Received this email from a friend. From an anonymous sms on 2nd March 2008 circulated in the Lembah Pantai area. Interesting pls fwd to ur frens via email and sms:-
Some points tht really hit the wrong buttons for me this morn as i read the papers.
Hope u can do something abt it.
“I wud not say tht i lack experience. I have first hand experience. That is my advantage. The experience of fighting for one cause does not equal being able to handle AND deliver the dynamic, contradicting needs of 200,000 ppl in Lembah Pantai.
“I am in d opposition. I can speak without fear or favor. Only Being able to speak so will not move anything for ppl in Lembah Pantai.They deserve somebody who will get things moving, done and delivered.
“Shahrizat is in the government also means that she faces a heavier burden to prove to the ppl what  has she done all this while. If Nurul Izzah had been old enough, she would be able to compare the situation when Shahrizat first took over Lembah Pantai in 1995 with all the squatter areas, flooding, lack of jobs, homes and inefficiencies for Lembah Pantai.
To date, the thousands of families that have moved out of squatters int proper flats, no more flooding (!!!), the many job opportunities the ppl of lembah pantai gets (and yes that includes all the pkr supporters).
“If one were to say that Shahrizat has to PROVE anything in regards to what she has done all this while, it truly means that one has NOT done their homework, and not travelled the entire lembah pantai. The very LRT station Nurul Izzah stood at to shake hands with the ppl is a result of Shahrizat working well with the  many authorities.
“Dun tell me she didn’t realise that!” “What has Shahrizat been doing with all the allocations provided in the past 12 years” refer to answer above. And read the papers over the past 12 years.”
“Why is it that people of certain parts of Lembah Pantai in a pathetic living condition?” Spoken like a truly naive young girl. “You cannot take note of one area in Lembah Pantai and live in a bubble in regards to its situation.Look around and compare. Also, those very ppl living in the “pathetic” living conditions are actually pending moving into flats.
“We do not need an MP with more money, but one with stronger political will. “Evident enough that PKR will not be able to give Lembah Pantai people what they nedd. They are not a tool from PKR’s one cause, but actual ppl with actual lives.
Reality bites: money is needed to provide the necessities of life. Not JUST political will.
Perfect thing though, Shahrizat can give both”
“Opposition with a conscience”

Malaysia’s General Election campaign is getting hotter, are we selecting candidates based on merits or people?

With one week before D-Day, Malaysians will cast their votes to decide who will run the country for the next term. Tactics and warfare are quickly deployed by both the BN (National Front) and Opposition to outdo each other to get the voters to make the wise decision on who will best represent them in the government.

After looking at the list of candidates field by both group of BN & Opposition, i wonder the candidates (calon) that are being put in to field against each other, are they capable? Have a passion to serve the people or it is just been used as a puppet to serve others. Malaysians must decide that the candidates that we are going to choose to represent us must have a set of good track records are able to withstand pressure from the ever changing political landscapes. Are we going to choose the rep based on party or emotions?

In my humble opinion, we must make a choice based on issues not on people.This is a chinese saying which stands true over 5,000 years of history.  The rational behind this logic will help whoever is good and willing to serve will continue to serve and the support will come on its own. If we based on people, we can get emotional and might be distorted by unsrupulous people that have their agenda and in the end the poor citizens will lose out again.

Take for example, in the Lembah Pantai constituency, the challenge between incumbent Dato Seri Sharizat and Nurul Izzah. One from BN and one from Keadilan. Who will one choose? I would prefer to see track records here. Shahrizat has been going around her kawasan diligently and has so far delivered what she has promised and the people there love and adore her. For Nurul Izzah, she’s a nice girl in my viewpoint. Can she deliver? or is she contesting on behalf of her father, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim who will make her a full puppet? hmmm poor shahrizat, it is not even a fair fight for her. Poor izzah have to take instructions from her dad but know nothing bout political system.

In Kelana Jaya, the candidate Loh Gwo Burne as reported by the STAR few days ago, he said he will lose 2 votes in the place. One is V.K.Lingam, and the other one himself. Why himself because he is not even register as a voter. I don’t think we need a wakil rakyat that do not even know when is the deadline to register as a voter. He can’t even take care of himself, then how to take care of the people?

hmmm, let us ponder this while i go for my dinner. Tomorrow will be exciting.