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PM Badawi assures Malaysians that Petrol price would not exceed RM2.70 this year. True or not?

Today’s most of the country’s newsaper including STAR reported that PM Abdullah Badawi assures the Malaysians that petrol prices will not exceed RM2.70 this year. And the petrol price will be reviewed monthly beginning from Sept 1.

A good move and yet not good news. I remember when PM announces of hike up to 0.78 cents, he announced it and effectively by midnight the prices went up causing massive jams as the poor rakyat tries to save few ringgits and sens to ensure their daily bread and butter will not be effected. And now to revert back, it took him more than one month to implement.

Can our PM think straight, even before he announced petrol hike, he can do it gradually 0.10 monthly but he took the other way round by hiking up over 40 percent putting pressures to the poor rakyat. What if the oil prices go higher this year probably US$150 per barrel and by January 2009, our good PM might hike a dollar,
that will put the economy under pressure. Some rakyat already said our PM lack of foresight and his unpopular move killed the poor people. Can he think of proper way, i.e. improve the basic infrastructures then hike up. At least the people understands.

The worse part our PM can do is probably reverse his decision within days which he has consistently failed to do so, Our dear PM Pak LAh, wake up and mindsets and your silly advisors that have gotten u deep inside the rife of unpopular move. So we Malaysians, must be more political concious without depending on them(BN or Pakatan Rakyat.)

Do we the rakyat sit  down and do nothing? Do your talk and banners and without compromised and show our displeasures, so that the government knows the seriousness and d impact.