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Flood relief in Pahang, X’mas time to give and not take masuk pocket…

Saw these in It is, time we choose quality candidates not those that are crooks. Choose the one that have track records and good credentials. The wakil rakyat or calon must remember that they are the servants of the people of Malaysia. Remember to serve and not ‘self-serve’. How can rakyat trust the country is in the good hands of the country’s administration if all these are not checked properly. Aiya……


Election Transparent Ballot Boxes costs RM16 million? sure or not…

Good thing that Malaysia has introduced the new ballot box to show more transparency according to the STAR, Saturday 22 Dec 2007, at one glance finally we all know that the general election is very near. Some predicting will be after Chinese New Year 2008.

Whatever is it after reading the news clipping, it puts me to a thinking cap mode….what kind of plastic boxes that puts in paper that costs such a huge bomb to the tax payers? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, I’ve gotta let the readers decide and think from common sense…

hahaha maybe the box is bullet proof? With inflation kept creeping up, seems like all cost will goes up including plastic boxes J

 will let you read the news exceprts:            ready-for-polls.jpg or 

Life as it is. Do we give up? (JIPABAN)

yo, i’m back…. just found a video that’s funny… to think that malaysians complained a lot… let’s see other countries and their people on how they struggled in their daily life to make more money and sustained lifestyle….

the lyrics and illustration are catchy( i can only understand few words, can someone enlighten me) 😉

As general election looms nearer, more gimmicks coming

It is different from the yesteryears of election as the rakyat are more accessible to news and the beauty of www (the world wide web). Thanks to the power of internet. Everything is fast nowadays to remain stagnant means to rot.


In today’s star Dec 6, front page, it is stated in a survey done by TNS and Gallup International said that Malaysians are not only strongest supporters of democracy but are also the most confident that the country’s election are fair and free.


Sounds good, but suddenly in Malaysia, in less than 2 months, we can see wave of events happening, the march of Bersih, Hindraf and I expect many more organised by groups claiming to represent who is who until the announcement of the general election. Isn’t it a bit strange, too sudden, too many people come in the open to express their views. Makes one wonder who is the spin doctors behind planning all these as Malaysians are generally peace loving lot. Yet we have some politicians once awhile poke at the rest of Malaysians on the freedom of expressing and practise what is clearly stated in the federal constitution.What is the agenda, motive and objective? Looks like somebody or organisation is really gonna benefit from all these………


Pening but that’s Malaysia la….


Removing Cross from Schools? What else can they think of?

It’s getting funnier daily on what is happening in Malaysia. At a glance from the newspaper in today’s the Star Dec 5, 2007, pg N27, we have our MP from Parit Sulong, Syed Hood Edros made a proposal to remove crosses and images in missionary school at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.


It is remarkable, this MP even said he seeks clarification that “based on the grouses in the ground, that times have changed and they cannot allow Malay to look at the crosses and statues without explanation”.


What is this? Are we staying in the stone age? The more the country is moving towards globalisation, the more backwards the thinking is. What sort of education does our MP has or sensitivity he has towards other fellow Malaysians? Do these political parties pick the right candidates to become YB? What is the criteria? Don’t tell me it is the Mat Rempits?


I would said it is time to revamp those in political power for too long and must prepare for good successor to succeed them to ensure that the future of all Malaysians are well protected as per the federal constitution. In other words they need to restructure for globalisation.


Enough all these boo- boos, now I wonder who is the next MP will make another stupid statement …. Aiya… pathetic…


Am confused!?!

Hi, I’m back! I was amazed that my blog hits has been growing steadily and prompts me to put up a few of my thoughts to keep the momentum growing.


I recall sometime ago while teaching my Taekwon-do students, I couldn’t help to notice one boy that suddenly, starts murmuring quietly to himself and hitting his legs with his hands while the rest of the students sweats it out to the commands and instructions that I gave to them. Walking over to him, I ask, ‘Boy, what’s the matter with you, till you are practically beating your own legs with your hands?” He looked at me and said “Master, my legs refused to listen to me, that’s why I have to punish them by beating them.”  I was shocked when he said that. In order to put his mind back on the training, ‘Boy, you’ve must concentrate properly by following strictly my instruction, and you don’t punish your legs by beating them whenever they don’t obey them. Be reasonable, train accordingly and kind, your legs will just follow what your mind want.”  After saying that, the following 2 weeks I saw there’s an improvement, the student acknowledges it works nicely. Mission accomplished.


Looking at today’s newspaper The Star, Dec 4, 2007, I saw 2 articles that attracts my attention, PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, said that the country has bring many progress and development to all in the country and he refers Hindraf’s (Hindu Rights Action Force) ‘wild and insane’ claims that the government is carrying out ethnic cleansing and committed atrocities against Indians in the country.

This is the excerpts that I’ve found out from the web, that ethnic cleansing do not mean only killing, read this:


ethnic cleansing [Encyclopædia Britannica Article]


“the attempt to create ethnically homogeneous geographic areas through the

deportation or forcible displacement of persons belonging to particular

ethnic groups. Ethnic cleansing sometimes involves the removal of all

physical vestiges of the targeted group through the destruction of

monuments, cemeteries, and houses of worship.”


In that sense Hindraf is right.


On the second article, the opposition party, PAS President Datuk Seri Haji Abdul Hadi Awang has hit out at Hindraf by saying their demands as absurd and urged the government to set up a commission to investigate the claims. I find it funny because these oppositions really know how to ride on the bandwagon to get them popular. Ha ha ha. It is the case of a kettle calling the other kettle black. Well, when is Malaysia’s going to elevate itself from all these ‘kampung mentality politics. Take a look at how the British and US style of politics. At least got style la….

Well, Malaysia’s politicians still got a lot of catching up to improve their service to the rakyat. Don’t ever think the ‘rakyat is mudah di perbodohkan’……




kung fu fighting!!!

This whole week has been an interesting week with the whole nation abuzz with the nation witnessing another round of hoo haa and boo boos again….. 

Makes one wonder what is really going on with these jokers’ action and thoughts and choices of word and represent the ‘rakyat’. What is wrong the current machinery or the democratic system that we have believed in so much after 50 years of independence. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!


The recent Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action  Forces) deserves sympathetic ears. Look at it from the logical common sense. If they are treated rightly, do you think they will come in and assembles in thousands? Human beings if been treated with proper care and dignity will not resort to walking the streets with planned agenda. Yet the moment, they wanted to air their grievances, they are not given a valid police permit thus making them ‘illegal’ to assemble.  Why don’t they use their so-called representative MIC in the parliament to help them voiced out their grievances?

Something is not really right here, folks……


PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Sunday Star (2 Dec, front page) pledges to look after the interests and the well being of the Indian community that is perceived as a good move but how can he make sure that his words are taken seriously? Is there a check and balance to keep track?

The current BN machinery comprised of the 3 main component (UMNO, MCA, MIC) and sub components are suppose to safe guard the right of all citizens enshrined in the constitution. They must think as ONE, not on their own selfish but answerable to the rakyat. These representative must think, act logical and main high integrity and maintain high standards but not kampung style politics. Currently some of the representatives are seen acting arrogant, stupid,  ‘kow tow’ and semua sokong only which is ridiculous. All of the component party could be insane already. Maybe only MCA is the only on that is left with ‘Sanity’? The rakyat needs more leaders take action and responsibility for the task entrust with them. Don’t be NATO (No Action Talk Only)


Look at the recent, brawl that happened at the sixth day of Kelantan State assembly with Datuk Nozula Mat Diah (BN-Paloh) challenged Mohd Zaki Ibrahim( PAS- Kelaboran over the word ‘Jakun’. (The Star, Nov 27, pg N30).  Take a look at website which show how these representative did the kung fu fighting part. Ha ha ha. 

Till then let’s see next week what will be unveiled as General Elections looms nearer.