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blogging first time

 Finally, I’m catching on with the fashion and technology of our time. The power of Blogging in the World Wide Web where the boundaries are borderless. Ahh, where shall I begin my first article with so much thought running through my mind at this moment…


Today, I had my usual meet up with my buddies on Sunday morning for breakfast after our routine Taekwon-do class for the past 15 years since I was a teenager. As usual we will go for places for food and spend time with each other during the breakfast session with topics ranging from anything under the sun on cars, food, people, our lives, people’s life, experiences, places of interest, happenings, national to international issues and etc ……. And of course our 3 sets of newspapers for those that are not so chatty but to listen and butt in once awhile whenever it stirs some comments from all.


Without fail, these sessions touched on things revolving around us daily that we cannot escape but to live with it. Ta-da…. Its’ non other than political boo-boo and hoo-haa’s by our local politician in the political scene. Sometimes it is so funny that we really wonder where in the world do these people came from and what is running through their mind at all times.


From the newspaper today, we can see from the headlines in the Star screaming ‘Don’t Break Law’. It seems innocent enough and sane that every law-abiding citizens should know that. The articles stated that the police will not hesitate to take action for those that part of the illegal gathering organised by Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force). Fair enough. But how come, just barely 2 weeks ago we had Malaysia’s witnessing another protest ‘Bersih’ which attracts thousands of people protesting and handling memorandum to the palace demanding clean elections causing massive traffic jams leading into the city of Kuala Lumpur in throngs of yellows.


All of us put up our thinking cap and start debating what is a democratic country? Democratic means it is the principle of political or social equality for all. Yes, so far the citizens of Malaysia have been enjoying good life, freedom to move around the country without fear and restrictions. The recent outburst by politicians really put the citizens thinking, what has happened that we have these jokers forgotten what our forefathers have sacrifice and said things that might hurt the other races. Possibly will create disharmony, unity and prosperity that the peace loving Malaysians have enjoyed so many years? The more we discussed the more we wanted to know, does the citizens really bother to know what happened in the country or prefer to indulge in the gossips of celebrities which is more juicier and sensational of course. I would said it is better for these politicians to speak as Malaysians than race based which can cause disharmony and creates suspicious in the mind of others.


In case some who has forgotten what is Malaysia’s ingredient of success so far. Take a look at the copy of email, which I received from the Malaysian bar sometime ago…

Tuesday, 17 July 2007, 08:55am

“Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races that wish to be loyal, live together, defend the nation and work together, live in harmony, because the situation in this country is different from other countries in the world. Because of this, one race cannot take everything for itself. In order to set up an independent government, we must compromise and make sacrifices.” – Tunku Abdul Rahman, speech at the Sungai Besi Airport after returning from London, June 3, 1957.TUNKU Abdul Rahman and the Malayan delegation had just returned from the final talks on independence in London when he made this reminder to the people – that they would all have a place in the new independent nation, but not without some compromise and sacrifice on everyone’s part. This bargain, or social contract, has always been a crucial, and sometimes contentious, part of the nation’s Constitution. The Reid Commission and the Alliance tried hard to take into consideration the different, and at times divergent, concerns on the ground. Each clause in the Constitution was carefully negotiated and crafted. Even so, it was simply impossible to please everyone. It would be naïve to expect any constitution, more often than not framed under trying circumstances, to be perfect. But despite what the critics say, Malaysia ‘s Constitution has worked to a large extent. As the nation commemorates the 50th year of independence, the challenge is to ensure that it will continue to work for the generations ahead.

Till then….Cheers!