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MalaysiaToday: “elite malays and mixed marriage”

this is an interesing article i’ve found by raja petra on malays elite and mixed marriage… hmm does that means all these fighting for malay rights are really full blood malays? 

Read this in MalaysiaToday


V.K. Lingam’s tape with businessman’s admitting son’s role

Another scandal came out in the open this week, with businessman Loh Mui Fah admits to MalaysiaKini on his son’s role in recording lawyer V.K Lingam’s controversial phone conversation and ACA’s tailing him day in day out.  The whole affair looks like one big soap opera with election getting nearer. Wonder what other juicy stories will be cooked up. Nyeknyek

Chua Soi Lek said it’s me, even Bill Clinton and Shaggy said “It wasn’t Me”

For the first week of the year, malaysians still abuzz with Datuk Chua Soi Lek’s video. with all those sensationalise headline coming in from the papers and tv, it is putting a strain to the former hardworking health minister that falls prey to those that wanted to bring him down especially near the general election and succeded. Malaysia must now find good candidates to take care of the rakyat and not easily being swayed by gossips or videos while ignoring track records.

 As a responsible leader, he’s quick to admit it’s him. What if another politician or ministers that are being caught, i really  wonder what is their response? Do they hide behind their helm of power? cover up? How bout if it is UMNO/MIC/DAP/PAS ? Do they have the guts to face the rakyat and admit? The mass media are quick to punish him by puting up a popularity poll and he crumbled in. Can we not be biased if it’s another leader?

Even Bill Clinton and Shaggy said “It Wasn’t Me”..  as in the video below:

and karaoke version video with lyrics:

Let’s give this case a rest la….

Chua Soi Lek took responsibility as a leader

Happy new year to all, Malaysia’s election saga is claiming another victim that is Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek. We must admit this man is really brave as he is taking responsibility, which shows that MCA leaders are responsible lots despite them being criticized for not doing their fair bit to the community and always taken a back seat. It takes a lot of courage to admit and be responsible. Hopefully all our leaders in the government can follow the footstep of Datuk Chua.


Looking at today’s STAR, we hope that as Malaysia’s moving towards globalization, its leaders must no longer swept things under carpet but to move as one big team to ensure harmony and prosperity remain intact for many years to come. Sharing of power among BN coalition is the key ingredient for Malaysia so far, don’t just keep hitting the belt among each other. In the end only the rakyat will suffer.