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Perak Govt falls, BN claims Victory

Just barely days i’ve commented on the denials and fickleness of our local elected reps, and today the STAR online reported the facts.
Can we simply have reps jumping left and right into parties? It seems like these reps has no more dignity. Firstly they stated their letter of resignation are signed under duress. Then they said it is an undated letter. Personally i find all these ridiculous. As it shows the people elected reps can be cowed into doing things when under pressure. It shows no guts and dignity. What do the people of Malaysia thinks?


Perak’s Political Ploy? It is a Gimmick?

Hi everyone, i’m back after a long break. Been busy stuffing myself with the CNY food. The waistline increased with the intake obviously. Looking at Malaysia’s political scene, changes are seen, yet the same old style by the politicians are cheating us voters by playing dissapearing and appearing act, better than David Copperfield the world famous illusionist.

Look at the Star report today on Perak’s PKR Rep denying resignation. “Apa Dah Jadi?” Irregardless PKR or BN reps, they must always remember, they are the servants of the people of Malaysia, do not act responsible and put the country at chaotic conditions and people losing hope on the elected reps daily. They must know whatever they do, it will be used as KPI (Key performance Index) to see whether they will be given a chance by the people of Malaysia at the next GE.

Hope Malaysia will be able to churn out better politicians that love the country and people more than they love themselves.

Till next time. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my fellow malaysians!