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MACC questioned Former Selangor MB

The former Selangor MB was finally taken in for questioning despite being highlighted many times in news. Wonder is the long arm of the law needs to take a longer time to react or is this merely a wayang kulit?

Article from the STAR

While we are it, take a look at the way former MB spoke on the cow head protestors issue. Excerpts from MalaysiaToday


Selangor Temple relocation meeting turned sour

From Malaysia today news and the STAR online, the meeting between Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim hit a snag after residents start acting rudely by throwing chairs and shoes on the 150 year old temple relocation to a new site.

It seems like Malaysians are starting to go back to ancient civilisation, rudeness and emotions rules the day. The protest sparked controversy when some of the participants brought a cow’s head and left it at the gates of the state secretariat building.

Check out the poll on the handling of situation in Selangor.

Another poll on the cow’s head.

A repeat of 1998? Anwar’s arrested today! Arrest warant for Raja Petra as well!

Just barely a few days i’ve posted in my blog saying the country’s political outlook gets more funnier, ridiculous and now the repeat of the famous black eye incident where DSAI (Datuk Seri Dr Anwar Ibrahim) been bundled by police and detained. Is there anything new here on the story line? Read this in STAR, MalaysiaKini, SinChew , Nurul Izzah’s blog and NST

Following this, Malaysia Kini reported that RPK (Raja Petra) author of MalaysiaToday Blog has ben issued arrest warrant. What a good timing!

The people of Malaysia are getting fed-up on the excessive politics and the politicians are not concentrating on the economy. Come to the next GE the people might not want to vote at all. In view of all these, where are the real saviours of malaysia? We are having one group the current government and the next one the government in waiting, well sad to say both also behaves like children, we need another stronger group that will protect the Malaysians, irregardless of race, identity or culture. A truly Malaysia for the people of Malaysia. We need to get the politicians to crack their brains and get on to work for the people that voted that in. We need to give them KPI (Key performance Index) to gauge their efficiency. Do u agree with me people?

Blow to UMNO as Former PM Tun Mahathir Quits As Member Pressuring Badawi

While Pak Lah and its team still struggling to keep the UMNO intact, former Malaysia PM Tun Dr Mahathir called it a day by quitting as UMNO member and urged the rest to follow suit to pressure the current premier Abdullah Badawi. Another UMNO party veteran Tan Sri Sanusi Junid also quits as well. Meanwhile Tengku Razaleigh refuted rumours that he will quit and maintained his stance that he will challenge PM Abdullah in UMNO polls scheduled in December.

Some UMNO insiders said the decision by the former premier and veterans might further weakens UMNO and give way to Pakatan Rakyat to further grip power in the disoriented BN coalition. Looks like the rakyat will be worried as curent political situation might deter investors from coming in full force. Read all these in STAR, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini, MalaysiaToday, SinChew, NSTP and SUN

Sirul and Azilah threatened Raja Petra Kamaruddin

Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin or fondly known as RPK finally accepted bail fearing his safety after prison authorities cannot guarantee his safety according news sources and photos reported from MalaysiaToday, MalaysiaKini, MalaysianInsider, STAR, SUN , Sinchew and NST.

Isn’t security is the main thing that rakyat wants? If one is not safe in the country where else can the rakyat do to believe in the system? Come on, time to clean up the system thoroughly and properly. Rakyat Malaysia is watching every steps of your moves!!!

Talking about security, the robbers are getting agressive as a woman been stabbed four times at the back in Cheras while on her way to work. Hey, this is not safe anymore. Pictures in NewStraitsTimes.

Malaysia’s Today Raja Petra being investigated under seditious act

Afetr watching our new parliamentarians in action these few days, it looks like more training needs to be given for all YB’s. And while slogging for information in the great world wide web, i read this news in the Malaysia Today, that our writer Raja Petra has being hauled by the police and investigated under seditious act. Wonder what happened here in the country.  Read the latest details in here

Has Malaysia and its people forgotten the National Principles (Rukun Negara)

After the 12th General Election, more and more people including politicians and political parties both Barisan National and Pakatan Rakyat DAP-PKR-PAS are looking for a solution to make Malaysia a better place, democratic ,fair and people are safe. With the internet boom, everyone is relying on Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday, Rocky Bru and etc for alternative news to listened to the champions of rights voicing out. In fact we do not have to look far to rejuvenate. Just uphold the principles The Rukunegara or sometimes Rukun Negara (Malay for “National Principles”) is a philosophy and national ideology — the de facto Malaysian pledge of allegiance — was instituted by royal proclamation on Merdeka Day, 1970, in reaction to a serious race riot known as the May 13 Incident which occurred in 1969.(source from: Wikipedia)

For those young Malaysians which never heard this before, read below the rukun negara which is recited by students at the National school or sekolah kebangsaan every monday after singing the national anthem. So tell me where is the need to reinvent the wheel. come on wake up people!!! Let’s all unite together and uphold the principles and Malaysia is safe!

Malay text

BAHAWASANYA NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA mendukung cita-cita hendak :

  • mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya ;
  • memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik ;
  • mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama ;
  • menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak ; dan
  • membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :


Literal translation

WHEREAS OUR COUNTRY MALAYSIA nurtures the ambitions of:

  • achieving a more perfect unity amongst the whole of her society;
  • preserving a democratic way of life;
  • creating a just society where the prosperity of the country can be enjoyed together in a fair and equitable manner;
  • guaranteeing a liberal approach towards her rich and varied cultural traditions; and
  • building a progressive society that will make use of science and modern technology.

NOW THEREFORE WE, the people of Malaysia, pledge to concentrate the whole of our energy and efforts to achieve these ambitions based on the following principles:


English version

Our nation, Malaysia, being dedicated :

  • to achieving a greater unity of all her peoples;
  • to maintaining a democratic way of life;
  • to creating a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably shared;
  • to ensuring a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural traditions;
  • to building a progressive society which shall be oriented to modern science and technology;

We, her peoples, pledge our united efforts to attain these ends guided by these principles: