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US Presidential Elections with Obama Entered February With Cash Edge of Millions Over Clinton

 As American Presidential Election heats up, one cannot wonder how much of money, time and effort needed to campaign. This is the article which i’ve read from the Bloomberg News.

Here’s a song by Holly Johnson (from the fame group Frankie Goes To Hollyword) in which it said the Americans in their country, the land of the free (democratic) where dreams can come true, if you work and try it is possible to achieve…… listen to the song… Wonder Malaysia Boleh ke? The starting of the song started like below: (video & Lyrics included)

“there’s a place where a kid without a cent, he can grow up to be President”

Songtext: Holly Johnson – Americano

Hey-hey-hey-hey-yeah oh
There’s a place where a kid without a cent
He can grow up to be president
A magic kingdom filled with Barbie-Dolls
If you’ve got the time we can make it a good time
Ooh-ooh-ah-yeah yeah-ea-ea-eah

Americanos Blue Jeans and Chinos
Coke Pepsi and Oreos
Americano-ooh-ohs movies and heroes
In the land of the free
You can be what you wanna be
Ah yeah yea-ea-ea-eah
They know how to advertise
Sell you anything at every price
Need it or not that’s what you got yeah
Take no bull from anyone
We just wanna have some fun
We got the queen of Soul
Created rock’n’roll yeah
(queen of soul oh-oh oh-oh)
Ah yeah yea-ea-ea-eah (oh yeah yeah)

Americanos Blue Jeans and Chinos
Coke Pepsi and Oreos
Low riding chicanos
In the land of the free
You can be what you wanna be
(Be what you want yeah)
(Totally spectacular)
(An educated consumer is our best concern)

Take it to the bridge one time yeah
Satellite stations across the nation
That’s cable TV for you and me
I’m cleaning kitchens washing pots and pans
Everything’s organised
From crime to leisure time
High schools and swimming pools
King sharks’n’fools ooh-ooh


Obama wins in Maine, giving Hillary a run for her money

Look at the American way of contesting, the candidates must be able to woo the crowds, the hearts of the people. That’s the way how politicians should work, talk, addressing the people’s need. Despite contesting against the Clinton’s which is far more sophisticated in political machinery, with persistency, and support of the people, he can be on his way to become the first black American President in history.

News excerpt on Obama wins in Maine in his Obama website.

Look at the way he woos the crowds of all ages. Obama rules 

MCA & Gerakan CNY open House celebration

The open house concept on festive season whereby all races will come and visit each other without any political agenda. It’ll be wonderful if all  parties and Malaysians keep on harbouring these good virtues and kept having the rakyat as main priority and focus. The Americans have the good concept, irregardless of race, religion and belief, they are still Americans. Can Malaysia in the future, be the same? Called themselves Malaysians, without having the suspicious of one race superior over one another, Ketuanan Melayu, Bumiputera, quota and etc? Come on politicians, Wake up, We are all Malaysians and be proud of it!

Take a look of open house celebration concept reported by the STAR.

Wishing Everyone a Happy Chinese New Year 2008

Gong Xi Gong Xi, the traditional chinese greeting for ushering the new year. Found this chinese new year video which all chinese will know how to sing out easily. Have fun as it contains english subtitles for easy understanding on the meaning behind. Gong Xi Gong Xi.

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year with good health and abundance!

TENC – the emperor’s new clothes at pavillion, another slap in the face…

I couldn’t resist in writing this when i read at the STAR Metro, the official launching of Pavillion by PM Badawi. And something caught my eye, it is stated he went to his daughter Nori and son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin’s new boutique by the name of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”…… ha ha ha, i nearly died laughing as suddenly i recalled, when younger days we read on the same title story by Hans Christian Anderson on the silly emperor that loves new clothes so much that he has been duped by his swindler tailors, on wearing nothing but parading naked in the street. In the end only one brave little boy dared tell the truth. It is so hard to be truthful dear parliamentarians?

Is it a pure coincident? or is someone deliberately trying to show that the current admistration is handled by group of jokers and dared to put the wool around the eyes of the powerful and belittle him…. sad but true. While searching for the blogs, i found BarkingMagpie also wrote. It is strange so much things happened and yet our Pak Lah cannot sees things or hear properly what Malaysians wanted…..

From the Wikipedia, the free Encylopedia , you will find out more on these foolish emperors and adaptations…. history kept repeating themself. Malaysia Boleh! hahaha