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OTK showdown OCT 10. Will democracy survived? Reformed needed

Looking at the news surrounding PKFZ, Chua Soi Lek (CSL) and MCA. It seems the tussles for power and supremacy keeps building up. Excerpts from the STAR captured my attention.

Ong Tee Keat has choosen the right move to agreed with the EGM. He has uphold what he believed is truth. With truth at hand, he has even stick his ministrial post at stake in unveiling the PKFZ controversial issues by making it public. The public needs strong leaders that take care of the people’s interest at heart and steps in to defend to correct the wrongdoings. Despite pressures from all quarters, in my opinion, the truth shall prevails with democracy to works at its best. We do not need leaders that are no brainer and no guts to speak up when they are required to. With the coming EGM, i believe OTK with the silent majority will do the correct steps to reform MCA and give OTK the renew mandate to save the party.

Well, certain group  such as  CSL’s group trying hard to get him reinstated, personally i wonder, do they do this for the party,  the overall chinese population, malaysians at large, or for CSL?  We will need delegates to vote with conscience.

Noticed the March 2008 election has opened the eyes o fthe Malaysians, it also shows that BN and PKR either one can be the choice of the people if they adopt a government having the people at heart. The people wanted less corruptions,wrongdoings and swift actions to handle it. Personally with stable government, the majority of peole won’t suffer but a corrupt and badly managed will destroy the country.

We are all born under the BN government, as over the years failure to cross-check of certain individuals has tarred its image. Whereby the new PKR government has taken over 5 states, noticed they are the same group of people crossed from BN and the behaviour are childish. Not befitting to hold post. Therefore for the sake of country, uphold the basis of constitution and remember all the reps that are elected are need to sworn to protect all Malaysians of all race, colours and religions.

Let’s take some polls here:


Has Malaysia and its people forgotten the National Principles (Rukun Negara)

After the 12th General Election, more and more people including politicians and political parties both Barisan National and Pakatan Rakyat DAP-PKR-PAS are looking for a solution to make Malaysia a better place, democratic ,fair and people are safe. With the internet boom, everyone is relying on Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday, Rocky Bru and etc for alternative news to listened to the champions of rights voicing out. In fact we do not have to look far to rejuvenate. Just uphold the principles The Rukunegara or sometimes Rukun Negara (Malay for “National Principles”) is a philosophy and national ideology — the de facto Malaysian pledge of allegiance — was instituted by royal proclamation on Merdeka Day, 1970, in reaction to a serious race riot known as the May 13 Incident which occurred in 1969.(source from: Wikipedia)

For those young Malaysians which never heard this before, read below the rukun negara which is recited by students at the National school or sekolah kebangsaan every monday after singing the national anthem. So tell me where is the need to reinvent the wheel. come on wake up people!!! Let’s all unite together and uphold the principles and Malaysia is safe!

Malay text

BAHAWASANYA NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA mendukung cita-cita hendak :

  • mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya ;
  • memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik ;
  • mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama ;
  • menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak ; dan
  • membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :


Literal translation

WHEREAS OUR COUNTRY MALAYSIA nurtures the ambitions of:

  • achieving a more perfect unity amongst the whole of her society;
  • preserving a democratic way of life;
  • creating a just society where the prosperity of the country can be enjoyed together in a fair and equitable manner;
  • guaranteeing a liberal approach towards her rich and varied cultural traditions; and
  • building a progressive society that will make use of science and modern technology.

NOW THEREFORE WE, the people of Malaysia, pledge to concentrate the whole of our energy and efforts to achieve these ambitions based on the following principles:


English version

Our nation, Malaysia, being dedicated :

  • to achieving a greater unity of all her peoples;
  • to maintaining a democratic way of life;
  • to creating a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably shared;
  • to ensuring a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural traditions;
  • to building a progressive society which shall be oriented to modern science and technology;

We, her peoples, pledge our united efforts to attain these ends guided by these principles:


Soul-searching time, Tun Mahathir voice out

In the latest update news from the STAR online, former premier Tun Mahathir continues to unleash his criticism saying that it will help UMNO and in response to allegation by several UMNO leaders that he was providing ‘ammunition’ for the opposition to destroy the party. While Tengku Razaleigh continues to mount pressure against PM Badawi.

Hmmm, it seems like more finger-pointing and blaming from all quarters on the failure of UMNO to regain its supremacy after 50 years in strong power. I wonder do they really  think straight? or is there a hidden agenda? come on, the rakyat needs a clean, democratic government and not a bunch of fools. They have forgotten all these boils down to dissatisfaction done by their civil servants and make the rakyat frustrated with all the arrogance shown by their reps. Wake up and clean your act and make sure policies are properly executed and implemented for the benefit of rakyat without bias.

In the weeks to come, expect Pak Lah to come under fire while the Pakatan Rakyat continues to enjoy their new victories at the five states, Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah & Perak. Let’s see whether the Pakatan Rakyat by DAP-PKR-PAS fulfils their election promise and not just a marriage of convenience to get power. The rakyat Malaysia does not like to be cheated.


Dato Shahrizat gets respect from opposition party, a good sign on candidate with track records

Jus barely half a day i mentioned that general election candidates should based on merits and not on people. Received this email from a friend. From an anonymous sms on 2nd March 2008 circulated in the Lembah Pantai area. Interesting pls fwd to ur frens via email and sms:-
Some points tht really hit the wrong buttons for me this morn as i read the papers.
Hope u can do something abt it.
“I wud not say tht i lack experience. I have first hand experience. That is my advantage. The experience of fighting for one cause does not equal being able to handle AND deliver the dynamic, contradicting needs of 200,000 ppl in Lembah Pantai.
“I am in d opposition. I can speak without fear or favor. Only Being able to speak so will not move anything for ppl in Lembah Pantai.They deserve somebody who will get things moving, done and delivered.
“Shahrizat is in the government also means that she faces a heavier burden to prove to the ppl what  has she done all this while. If Nurul Izzah had been old enough, she would be able to compare the situation when Shahrizat first took over Lembah Pantai in 1995 with all the squatter areas, flooding, lack of jobs, homes and inefficiencies for Lembah Pantai.
To date, the thousands of families that have moved out of squatters int proper flats, no more flooding (!!!), the many job opportunities the ppl of lembah pantai gets (and yes that includes all the pkr supporters).
“If one were to say that Shahrizat has to PROVE anything in regards to what she has done all this while, it truly means that one has NOT done their homework, and not travelled the entire lembah pantai. The very LRT station Nurul Izzah stood at to shake hands with the ppl is a result of Shahrizat working well with the  many authorities.
“Dun tell me she didn’t realise that!” “What has Shahrizat been doing with all the allocations provided in the past 12 years” refer to answer above. And read the papers over the past 12 years.”
“Why is it that people of certain parts of Lembah Pantai in a pathetic living condition?” Spoken like a truly naive young girl. “You cannot take note of one area in Lembah Pantai and live in a bubble in regards to its situation.Look around and compare. Also, those very ppl living in the “pathetic” living conditions are actually pending moving into flats.
“We do not need an MP with more money, but one with stronger political will. “Evident enough that PKR will not be able to give Lembah Pantai people what they nedd. They are not a tool from PKR’s one cause, but actual ppl with actual lives.
Reality bites: money is needed to provide the necessities of life. Not JUST political will.
Perfect thing though, Shahrizat can give both”
“Opposition with a conscience”

TENC – the emperor’s new clothes at pavillion, another slap in the face…

I couldn’t resist in writing this when i read at the STAR Metro, the official launching of Pavillion by PM Badawi. And something caught my eye, it is stated he went to his daughter Nori and son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin’s new boutique by the name of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”…… ha ha ha, i nearly died laughing as suddenly i recalled, when younger days we read on the same title story by Hans Christian Anderson on the silly emperor that loves new clothes so much that he has been duped by his swindler tailors, on wearing nothing but parading naked in the street. In the end only one brave little boy dared tell the truth. It is so hard to be truthful dear parliamentarians?

Is it a pure coincident? or is someone deliberately trying to show that the current admistration is handled by group of jokers and dared to put the wool around the eyes of the powerful and belittle him…. sad but true. While searching for the blogs, i found BarkingMagpie also wrote. It is strange so much things happened and yet our Pak Lah cannot sees things or hear properly what Malaysians wanted…..

From the Wikipedia, the free Encylopedia , you will find out more on these foolish emperors and adaptations…. history kept repeating themself. Malaysia Boleh! hahaha

Flood relief in Pahang, X’mas time to give and not take masuk pocket…

Saw these in MalaysiaToday.net. It is, time we choose quality candidates not those that are crooks. Choose the one that have track records and good credentials. The wakil rakyat or calon must remember that they are the servants of the people of Malaysia. Remember to serve and not ‘self-serve’. How can rakyat trust the country is in the good hands of the country’s administration if all these are not checked properly. Aiya……

Election Transparent Ballot Boxes costs RM16 million? sure or not…

Good thing that Malaysia has introduced the new ballot box to show more transparency according to the STAR, Saturday 22 Dec 2007, at one glance finally we all know that the general election is very near. Some predicting will be after Chinese New Year 2008.

Whatever is it after reading the news clipping, it puts me to a thinking cap mode….what kind of plastic boxes that puts in paper that costs such a huge bomb to the tax payers? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, I’ve gotta let the readers decide and think from common sense…

hahaha maybe the box is bullet proof? With inflation kept creeping up, seems like all cost will goes up including plastic boxes J

 will let you read the news exceprts:            ready-for-polls.jpg or