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MACC questioned Former Selangor MB

The former Selangor MB was finally taken in for questioning despite being highlighted many times in news. Wonder is the long arm of the law needs to take a longer time to react or is this merely a wayang kulit?

Article from the STAR

While we are it, take a look at the way former MB spoke on the cow head protestors issue. Excerpts from MalaysiaToday


OTK showdown OCT 10. Will democracy survived? Reformed needed

Looking at the news surrounding PKFZ, Chua Soi Lek (CSL) and MCA. It seems the tussles for power and supremacy keeps building up. Excerpts from the STAR captured my attention.

Ong Tee Keat has choosen the right move to agreed with the EGM. He has uphold what he believed is truth. With truth at hand, he has even stick his ministrial post at stake in unveiling the PKFZ controversial issues by making it public. The public needs strong leaders that take care of the people’s interest at heart and steps in to defend to correct the wrongdoings. Despite pressures from all quarters, in my opinion, the truth shall prevails with democracy to works at its best. We do not need leaders that are no brainer and no guts to speak up when they are required to. With the coming EGM, i believe OTK with the silent majority will do the correct steps to reform MCA and give OTK the renew mandate to save the party.

Well, certain group  such as  CSL’s group trying hard to get him reinstated, personally i wonder, do they do this for the party,  the overall chinese population, malaysians at large, or for CSL?  We will need delegates to vote with conscience.

Noticed the March 2008 election has opened the eyes o fthe Malaysians, it also shows that BN and PKR either one can be the choice of the people if they adopt a government having the people at heart. The people wanted less corruptions,wrongdoings and swift actions to handle it. Personally with stable government, the majority of peole won’t suffer but a corrupt and badly managed will destroy the country.

We are all born under the BN government, as over the years failure to cross-check of certain individuals has tarred its image. Whereby the new PKR government has taken over 5 states, noticed they are the same group of people crossed from BN and the behaviour are childish. Not befitting to hold post. Therefore for the sake of country, uphold the basis of constitution and remember all the reps that are elected are need to sworn to protect all Malaysians of all race, colours and religions.

Let’s take some polls here:

Selangor Temple relocation meeting turned sour

From Malaysia today news and the STAR online, the meeting between Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim hit a snag after residents start acting rudely by throwing chairs and shoes on the 150 year old temple relocation to a new site.

It seems like Malaysians are starting to go back to ancient civilisation, rudeness and emotions rules the day. The protest sparked controversy when some of the participants brought a cow’s head and left it at the gates of the state secretariat building.

Check out the poll on the handling of situation in Selangor.

Another poll on the cow’s head.

Petrol Ron95 at RM1.80 and Ron97 at RM2.05

Got this alert on Star Sms service, that the petrol price is higher by 0.05 for Ron 95 and Ron97 higher by 0.25 effectively.  Read these in The Star

What do you all think of the hike? Do your votes at

Is this the way a minister replied without diplomacy?

Hello everybody! It’s nice to be back after taking some break from blogging. Received this piece of video on the You Tube, the way our Malaysian Minister of Information, Culture and Communication responding  to a reporter from the Star and how he changed his “mode of answering”.

Seems like these people never change in how to be polite in responding to the people 😦

Check it out how Raiz Yatim ‘cakap orang putih’  at

Need everybody’s opinion poll on this

Perak’s Political Ploy? It is a Gimmick?

Hi everyone, i’m back after a long break. Been busy stuffing myself with the CNY food. The waistline increased with the intake obviously. Looking at Malaysia’s political scene, changes are seen, yet the same old style by the politicians are cheating us voters by playing dissapearing and appearing act, better than David Copperfield the world famous illusionist.

Look at the Star report today on Perak’s PKR Rep denying resignation. “Apa Dah Jadi?” Irregardless PKR or BN reps, they must always remember, they are the servants of the people of Malaysia, do not act responsible and put the country at chaotic conditions and people losing hope on the elected reps daily. They must know whatever they do, it will be used as KPI (Key performance Index) to see whether they will be given a chance by the people of Malaysia at the next GE.

Hope Malaysia will be able to churn out better politicians that love the country and people more than they love themselves.

Till next time. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my fellow malaysians!

v.k.lingam case, Correct Correct Correct it’s Fairuz

Today Malaysiakini , the Star , SINCHEW, SUN and NST reported that whether The Lingam video clip inquiry report should be made public and will let PM Badawi to decide, said Tan Sri Haidar Mohamed Nor ,chairman of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the 14-minute controversial clip after handing the four-volume, 186-page report to Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin at Istana Negara.

Well, no need to think so much, just released the findings to the public to show that Malaysia is keen on upholding the judiciary and justice. What do you all think about this?