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Malaysia-Today’s corridors of power column total fabrication of lies by writer I Love Malaysia with the heading the bald truth about how one bn partys ventured into cyberspace and hit a wall

I’ve read with utmost disgust on the article by the the most fabricated lies ever by a netizen using the guise of I Love Malaysia at Malaysiatoday website. Apparently this particular writer, I Love Malaysia , is being paid solely to write without knowing the truth. How can one promote truth and justice when there are self-interest at hand. Hereby demand that this writer checked his facts right before harming any people especially when it is done at the expenses at hitting out MyLivingWall, Ms AL and Bangsar Group. We strongly opposed the article as we know the real truth behind. The writer also spelt the former President Ka Ting name wrongly. It is stupidity at work.

Also to expose these invisible cyber crooks sprouting lies, demand that the writer. I Love Malaysia in his column at MalaysiaToday reveal his funder and motives truthfully to the world.


Excerpts are the article at malaysia-today.net

Article by I Love Malaysia:
Most people thought BN component parties headed into cyberspace only after the watershed March 8 2008 general election which saw the opposition make unprecedented gains, largely due to the primary and secondary reach of the New Media such as blogs and news portals like Malaysia-Today and Malaysiakini.
Largely, BN parties have just left the starting mark in the race towards cyber information dominance while Pakatan Rakyat parties are already miles ahead. But one party had actually attempted to reach out earlier to Netizens even before anyone had the faintest idea that March 8 would take place. But of course, almost no one knew of MCA’s efforts in the form of mylivingwall.com because it turned out to be a disaster mired in corruption, a sex scandal and sheer incompetence.
The idea of mylivingwall was first hatched in 2007 out of one woman’s frustration with her superior. AL Ho was working in INSAP, MCA’s think tank but everyone knew she could not get along with her boss, another Iron Lady, Song Fui K, formerly from the American Chamber of Commerce. With both having strong characters, their daily arguments got too much and Ms Ho decided it was time to part ways.
But she ain’t gonna just call it a day in MCA without first extracting her pound of flesh from the oh-so-generous MCA president then, Ong Ka Thing. A window of opportunity presented itself when Ka Thing appointed Fu Ah Kiow to head the publicity bureau. That’s when she sold the idea of setting up a portal called mylivingwall.com to the MCA president through Ah Kiow. And Ah Kiow, being Chan Kong Choy’s right-hand man, can just about lead Ka Thing to leap off KLCC if he wanted to. Ka Thing was sold to the idea faster than the dotcom bust of the early 2000s.
But then, Ms Ho also wanted a good deal for her severance-package-cum-platinum-handshake. And she had a secret weapon: the then MCA legal bureau head Dato’ Leong Tang Chong, with whom she shared a relationship that went far beyond work. The bald lawyer with close ties with Ka Thing helped her draft a contract with MCA which made her CEO of The Living Wall Sdn Bhd, with MCA HQ having to grant RM800,000 seed money and a MONTHLY retainer of RM65,000 for three years.
And before one could hear “ta da!”, MCA’s venture to turn over the notoriously anti-establishment Netizens was born, out of one woman’s frustration with work, with the help of a long-time lover, in a business arrangement that reeks of high-handedness.
And the “portal” itself? It’s just a one-woman effort to compile bits of information from all over cyberspace. No one runs around interviewing Ministers or braving the FRU during illegal rallies, much less brave the crowd in ceramahs. And Ong Ka Thing was banking on this woman to turn things around in the face of seething anger from the urban middle-class Chinese. By the time March 8 took place, it was already too late. Living Wall hit a wall, pun intended.
With the Living Wall’s 3-year contract expiring in February 2010, Ms Ho’s fortune does not seem to be all that bright. Neither is the luck of her lover boy Leong Tang Chong, who was removed as MCA legal bureau head shortly after the October 10 EGM for plotting against the president. Baldy and Ms Ho go back a long way and are part of the Bangsar Group, named after their power base, and are known for being English-speaking MCA activists, in a largely Mandarin-speaking party.
But really the person more worried about the MCA not renewing Living Wall’s contract than Ms Ho is Leong Tang Chong. Having given up his legal practice years ago, which he made a fortune from the generosity of Ling Liong Sik and Ong Ka Thing, Bald Tang Chong would have no more income if Living Wall tumbles like the Berlin Wall exactly 20 years ago. Tang Chong has just been redesignated as The Star chairman to an ordinary board member in a move that leaves him one leg at the Star exit (http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/11/6/business/5055017&sec=business).
Of late, Tang Chong, who made no attempt to hide his estranged relations with his wife, was often seen in MCA treasurer-general Tan Sri Tee Hock Seng’s office in Cheras lobbying not to be chopped off as director in Huaren, the party’s investment arm as well as in Wisma MCA Sdn Bhd. Having loaned RM170,000 from his lover for the new Maserati, Tang Chong did not want to be caught deep in debt. Hence, he agressively pushed for the renewal of Ms Ho’s lop-sided contract.
Towards this end, Tang Chong even cut a deal with Liow Tiong Lai. In return for declaring Ong Tee Keat’s EGM illegal, the botak, as he is also known, will be given the post of MCA Federal Territory deputy chairman, a much more glamorous post than the legal bureau head which he has held since Ling Liong Sik’s days. On top of that, the Living Wall will continue to be as erect as he is whenever he is with its CEO.
But as the MCA leadership impasse drags on, the Living Wall, Ong Ka Thing’s baby, is stillborn while Pakatan’s ones are trudging far ahead. (Just do a whois domain search online and one can see that Living Wall is owned by Ms Ho (complete with her mobile number!!) and has its address in Wisma MCA KL). And BN parties like MCA can lead sites like Living Wall to the sledgehammer, just like how the fall of the Berlin Wall brought hope and prosperity. Otherwise, the only thing “living” insofar as the next general election is concerned is false hopes and illusions.

PM Badawi assures Malaysians that Petrol price would not exceed RM2.70 this year. True or not?

Today’s most of the country’s newsaper including STAR reported that PM Abdullah Badawi assures the Malaysians that petrol prices will not exceed RM2.70 this year. And the petrol price will be reviewed monthly beginning from Sept 1.

A good move and yet not good news. I remember when PM announces of hike up to 0.78 cents, he announced it and effectively by midnight the prices went up causing massive jams as the poor rakyat tries to save few ringgits and sens to ensure their daily bread and butter will not be effected. And now to revert back, it took him more than one month to implement.

Can our PM think straight, even before he announced petrol hike, he can do it gradually 0.10 monthly but he took the other way round by hiking up over 40 percent putting pressures to the poor rakyat. What if the oil prices go higher this year probably US$150 per barrel and by January 2009, our good PM might hike a dollar,
that will put the economy under pressure. Some rakyat already said our PM lack of foresight and his unpopular move killed the poor people. Can he think of proper way, i.e. improve the basic infrastructures then hike up. At least the people understands.

The worse part our PM can do is probably reverse his decision within days which he has consistently failed to do so, Our dear PM Pak LAh, wake up and mindsets and your silly advisors that have gotten u deep inside the rife of unpopular move. So we Malaysians, must be more political concious without depending on them(BN or Pakatan Rakyat.)

Do we the rakyat sit  down and do nothing? Do your talk and banners and without compromised and show our displeasures, so that the government knows the seriousness and d impact.

Political drama in malaysia – a child play and insulting the intelligence

After the General Election in March 2008, the Malaysian political scene has dominated with all the mud-slinging and shit resufacing with the politicians and parties dominates the headlines. It is good to see the sudden awareness in politics compared to yester-years of people ignorance. All thanks to the power of internet.

Now can we sit down in a moment, are these BN & Pakatan Rakyat are really doing their job now? More than 100 days , yet still no sign of improvement… while PM Badawi struggles in his job with mounting pressure as his popularity drops. He has since announced his intention to step down in 2010. Read this in the NST. Can he really perform up to the mark within this 24 months? i guess the PM needs to change his bunch of silly advisors that has got him into this mess earlier.

As i said, the bickering betweeen all these BN & PKR are like a bunch of silly child play. Why can’t they concentrate and build the economy, improve the social condition and safety to the people and political environment? All these are wasting time and scared the investors away. With the high era of world economy under pressure due to high price and building inflationary pressurise the people in the daily life. Do something or don’t be in office if all these can’t be address. This statement is address to all the politicians and political parties that are being elected to office.

What do you all think about this. Please share your views and comment people!

Blow to UMNO as Former PM Tun Mahathir Quits As Member Pressuring Badawi

While Pak Lah and its team still struggling to keep the UMNO intact, former Malaysia PM Tun Dr Mahathir called it a day by quitting as UMNO member and urged the rest to follow suit to pressure the current premier Abdullah Badawi. Another UMNO party veteran Tan Sri Sanusi Junid also quits as well. Meanwhile Tengku Razaleigh refuted rumours that he will quit and maintained his stance that he will challenge PM Abdullah in UMNO polls scheduled in December.

Some UMNO insiders said the decision by the former premier and veterans might further weakens UMNO and give way to Pakatan Rakyat to further grip power in the disoriented BN coalition. Looks like the rakyat will be worried as curent political situation might deter investors from coming in full force. Read all these in STAR, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini, MalaysiaToday, SinChew, NSTP and SUN

Has Malaysia and its people forgotten the National Principles (Rukun Negara)

After the 12th General Election, more and more people including politicians and political parties both Barisan National and Pakatan Rakyat DAP-PKR-PAS are looking for a solution to make Malaysia a better place, democratic ,fair and people are safe. With the internet boom, everyone is relying on Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday, Rocky Bru and etc for alternative news to listened to the champions of rights voicing out. In fact we do not have to look far to rejuvenate. Just uphold the principles The Rukunegara or sometimes Rukun Negara (Malay for “National Principles”) is a philosophy and national ideology — the de facto Malaysian pledge of allegiance — was instituted by royal proclamation on Merdeka Day, 1970, in reaction to a serious race riot known as the May 13 Incident which occurred in 1969.(source from: Wikipedia)

For those young Malaysians which never heard this before, read below the rukun negara which is recited by students at the National school or sekolah kebangsaan every monday after singing the national anthem. So tell me where is the need to reinvent the wheel. come on wake up people!!! Let’s all unite together and uphold the principles and Malaysia is safe!

Malay text

BAHAWASANYA NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA mendukung cita-cita hendak :

  • mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya ;
  • memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik ;
  • mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama ;
  • menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak ; dan
  • membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :


Literal translation

WHEREAS OUR COUNTRY MALAYSIA nurtures the ambitions of:

  • achieving a more perfect unity amongst the whole of her society;
  • preserving a democratic way of life;
  • creating a just society where the prosperity of the country can be enjoyed together in a fair and equitable manner;
  • guaranteeing a liberal approach towards her rich and varied cultural traditions; and
  • building a progressive society that will make use of science and modern technology.

NOW THEREFORE WE, the people of Malaysia, pledge to concentrate the whole of our energy and efforts to achieve these ambitions based on the following principles:


English version

Our nation, Malaysia, being dedicated :

  • to achieving a greater unity of all her peoples;
  • to maintaining a democratic way of life;
  • to creating a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably shared;
  • to ensuring a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural traditions;
  • to building a progressive society which shall be oriented to modern science and technology;

We, her peoples, pledge our united efforts to attain these ends guided by these principles:


Soul-searching time, Tun Mahathir voice out

In the latest update news from the STAR online, former premier Tun Mahathir continues to unleash his criticism saying that it will help UMNO and in response to allegation by several UMNO leaders that he was providing ‘ammunition’ for the opposition to destroy the party. While Tengku Razaleigh continues to mount pressure against PM Badawi.

Hmmm, it seems like more finger-pointing and blaming from all quarters on the failure of UMNO to regain its supremacy after 50 years in strong power. I wonder do they really  think straight? or is there a hidden agenda? come on, the rakyat needs a clean, democratic government and not a bunch of fools. They have forgotten all these boils down to dissatisfaction done by their civil servants and make the rakyat frustrated with all the arrogance shown by their reps. Wake up and clean your act and make sure policies are properly executed and implemented for the benefit of rakyat without bias.

In the weeks to come, expect Pak Lah to come under fire while the Pakatan Rakyat continues to enjoy their new victories at the five states, Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah & Perak. Let’s see whether the Pakatan Rakyat by DAP-PKR-PAS fulfils their election promise and not just a marriage of convenience to get power. The rakyat Malaysia does not like to be cheated.