Perak Govt falls, BN claims Victory

Just barely days i’ve commented on the denials and fickleness of our local elected reps, and today the STAR online reported the facts.
Can we simply have reps jumping left and right into parties? It seems like these reps has no more dignity. Firstly they stated their letter of resignation are signed under duress. Then they said it is an undated letter. Personally i find all these ridiculous. As it shows the people elected reps can be cowed into doing things when under pressure. It shows no guts and dignity. What do the people of Malaysia thinks?


Perak’s Political Ploy? It is a Gimmick?

Hi everyone, i’m back after a long break. Been busy stuffing myself with the CNY food. The waistline increased with the intake obviously. Looking at Malaysia’s political scene, changes are seen, yet the same old style by the politicians are cheating us voters by playing dissapearing and appearing act, better than David Copperfield the world famous illusionist.

Look at the Star report today on Perak’s PKR Rep denying resignation. “Apa Dah Jadi?” Irregardless PKR or BN reps, they must always remember, they are the servants of the people of Malaysia, do not act responsible and put the country at chaotic conditions and people losing hope on the elected reps daily. They must know whatever they do, it will be used as KPI (Key performance Index) to see whether they will be given a chance by the people of Malaysia at the next GE.

Hope Malaysia will be able to churn out better politicians that love the country and people more than they love themselves.

Till next time. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my fellow malaysians!

PM Badawi assures Malaysians that Petrol price would not exceed RM2.70 this year. True or not?

Today’s most of the country’s newsaper including STAR reported that PM Abdullah Badawi assures the Malaysians that petrol prices will not exceed RM2.70 this year. And the petrol price will be reviewed monthly beginning from Sept 1.

A good move and yet not good news. I remember when PM announces of hike up to 0.78 cents, he announced it and effectively by midnight the prices went up causing massive jams as the poor rakyat tries to save few ringgits and sens to ensure their daily bread and butter will not be effected. And now to revert back, it took him more than one month to implement.

Can our PM think straight, even before he announced petrol hike, he can do it gradually 0.10 monthly but he took the other way round by hiking up over 40 percent putting pressures to the poor rakyat. What if the oil prices go higher this year probably US$150 per barrel and by January 2009, our good PM might hike a dollar,
that will put the economy under pressure. Some rakyat already said our PM lack of foresight and his unpopular move killed the poor people. Can he think of proper way, i.e. improve the basic infrastructures then hike up. At least the people understands.

The worse part our PM can do is probably reverse his decision within days which he has consistently failed to do so, Our dear PM Pak LAh, wake up and mindsets and your silly advisors that have gotten u deep inside the rife of unpopular move. So we Malaysians, must be more political concious without depending on them(BN or Pakatan Rakyat.)

Do we the rakyat sit  down and do nothing? Do your talk and banners and without compromised and show our displeasures, so that the government knows the seriousness and d impact.

Police Arrested NGO Helping Loan Shark Victims

I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to our beloved country Malaysia, as i was flipping through the STAR newspaper today. This particular headline above caught my eyes. There was this group of NGO officers who tried to assist the people who are harrassed by loan shark for failing to pay their debts. While assisting the victims a tussle came up and the loan sharks lodge police reports.

And the irony is the loan sharks came back with police officer and get the NGO’s officer arrested. How wonderful is this country, the illegal loan sharks can get protection by the police whose salary are paid by we, the tax-payers in the country.

Something is definitely not right here, with the illegals loan shark getting protections. We the rakyat must voice out that illegals cannot get immunity under the law and orders of the country. It is a mockery to the police & judiciary system and especially the tax-payers. Stop these illegals loan sharks. Look at the posters they paste on the walls, road signs, shops, now even buntings and billboards mushrooming. Can we stop all these illegal activiies? Sigh!

MCA Divisions Elections Heated Up With Challengers Against Incumbents

Spoken to a couple of my close buddies, after the March 08 General elections, the rakyat starts talking and dominates the subjects of politics in the country. Avery interesting situation, finally political consiousness.

Then the talk of malaysia’s political party elections, that the MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), the second largest component party in the BN. I noticed after MCA President Ong Ka Ting and his deputy Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy announced of their decisions not to seek re-election, the challenges is intense with more younger group challenging the old guards that has sit pretty for a long long time in their positions which is detrimental to the party.

It is reported in the Star, that 79 out of the 191 divisions in MCA faces challenges, which an increase above 40%  showing the need to rejuvenate the party with new and young leaders. I sincerely hope the new and young challengers will win, as i noticed the younger people are more vocal and dare to speak their mind. For those incumbent that has sitting down nicely and just holding their positions, it is time these cowards incumbents that are doing nothing and nothing politically except on socialising, it is time to go away and let the young ones a chance.

In my humble opnion, these people needs a strong leaders, not those that keeps hoarding on power forever and do social work only. Remember the people elected you to serve, serve and serve. The Rakyat’s priority is important and training them to be vocal and speak up. If the delegates are blind, stupid and cowards to give their votes to the UNdeserving, then the leaders which their elected representative could be a bunch of fools that do not know how to differentiate what is right and wrong. We must help these people to choose , young,  able people to Speak out loud and clear withour fear . and not forgetting able to voice out and able -to do policy making and debate. If they can’t do these, then why need to be a leader….. might as well roll up, die and rot without doing nothing these people needs a leader. Do you agree?

Let Malaysia have strong new leaders for a better Malaysia!

MCA Talents Race To Raise The Bar And Issued Challenge To Debate

I’ve found this article on MYLIVINGWALL after reading in the STAR news report that MCA’s nomination for Division has begun on 22nd July 2008 at the whole country with 79 divisions out of 191 divisions seeing contests for the top post. It shows that more than 40% of MCA delegates wanted changes which is interesting compared to yester-years. No longer are the keeping hush-hush MCA as a political party. Lets see the young people stage a challenge Viva ! democracy shall prevails, let’s hope the challengers wins and let the incumbants think hard, that will helped pave way for new blood and ideas coming in! Keep up the good work and Malaysia will be safe. the rakyat will be grateful if all poltical difference can be set aside and work as a new team, either BN or the PKR.

A repeat of 1998? Anwar’s arrested today! Arrest warant for Raja Petra as well!

Just barely a few days i’ve posted in my blog saying the country’s political outlook gets more funnier, ridiculous and now the repeat of the famous black eye incident where DSAI (Datuk Seri Dr Anwar Ibrahim) been bundled by police and detained. Is there anything new here on the story line? Read this in STAR, MalaysiaKini, SinChew , Nurul Izzah’s blog and NST

Following this, Malaysia Kini reported that RPK (Raja Petra) author of MalaysiaToday Blog has ben issued arrest warrant. What a good timing!

The people of Malaysia are getting fed-up on the excessive politics and the politicians are not concentrating on the economy. Come to the next GE the people might not want to vote at all. In view of all these, where are the real saviours of malaysia? We are having one group the current government and the next one the government in waiting, well sad to say both also behaves like children, we need another stronger group that will protect the Malaysians, irregardless of race, identity or culture. A truly Malaysia for the people of Malaysia. We need to get the politicians to crack their brains and get on to work for the people that voted that in. We need to give them KPI (Key performance Index) to gauge their efficiency. Do u agree with me people?